Limitless Loving Leadership

L3: Commitment to Excellence

Some people say that G-d is always watching. Regardless of your belief system, you are always a witness to your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Your core values and character are revealed to you through these manifestations.

Our thoughts and actions can be negative and damaging, or they can be positive and transformational. Negatives and positives do not necessarily cancel each other out in equal proportion; they both tend to hang around in some way according to our expectations. Every thought and behavior has a cumulative impact. We are a composite of all of these positive and negative forces flowing within us.

Other people are probably watching you too.  People look to their leaders for inspiration and often model their behavior in response to these observations. The best way to get the performance that you expect of others is to demonstrate it yourself. Be cognizant of the impact you have and consistently set a good example for others to follow.

Every moment is an opportunity for success and excellence. With each interaction and decision, you demonstrate your values, goals, and priorities. Make a commitment to nurture a lifelong relationship with excellence moment to moment, day to day, and year to year.

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