Social+ Holiday Shopping Resources

Perhaps the most Social+ thing we can do this holiday season is to remember that this time of year is not all about consumerism. Yet, we will likely purchase some gifts for family, colleagues and friends. This holiday season, you can be Social+ by carefully selecting merchants from whom to purchase these holiday gifts. As part of your preparation for black Friday and cyber Monday shopping, you can evaluate the environmental and labor practices of a company to determine if they are aligned with your values.

Several organizations have directories that are useful in selecting Social+ merchants for holiday gifts:

I have been using The National Green Pages from Green America since the mid-1990s (when they were known as Co-op America). It is now online and very easy to search!

The Fair Trade Federation has an online tool that you can use to search for members.

You can search for certified B Corps that have made a commitment to being socially and environmentally responsible.

Shop to Stop Slavery has developed an Ethical Holiday Shopping Guide.

Ethical Shopping maintains a list of companies that they have deemed to be unethical:

At the UL&STD and Labor411 websites, you can search for union made products.

This article on Mashable has some additional resources.

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