Leader: Sun or Nebula?

When I left my job as an executive director, I went from being a sun — albeit of a microscopic universe — to a nebula. I thought I would feel liberated, but I felt a bit lost at times. Through entrepreneurship, I am loving the freedom of creative expression and learning to honor the accompanying mysteries and complexities of life. In my nebula heart, all things are possible.

2 thoughts on “Leader: Sun or Nebula?”

  1. This is a fascinating analogy – sun vs nebula. I’ve certainly found there to be a tension in my own life between the impulse to find my “one true thing” that I do and focus on that versus simply accepting the many things that I do and love to do. I think I’ve tended to lean towards a more nebulous approach simply because I couldn’t choose between my writing and my music. I’m now trying to do both by working on my own internet radio-based blog where both writing and music creation are a part of the venture.

    Have you faced similar choices? You seem like the type of person who is multi-talented.

    1. I have a lot of interests so it can be difficult for me to focus. When I become more focused, others may start to think of me as a sun by following what I do. When this happens, I think it is helpful for me to continue to think of myself as a nebula so that I can continue to be vulnerable, open, and innovative. I also want to inspire the nebulae within others!

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