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Start the New Year Right with Two New Books!

Two New Books for Nonprofit Organizations

Grant Proposal and Marketing Plan Workbooks Improve the Effectiveness of Nonprofit Organizations


Contact Information: Jessica R. Dreistadt, Founding Director, The Fruition Coalition

(610) 504-4962

(Lehigh Valley, PA) –The Fruition Coalition has two new books available for nonprofit organizations: The Fruition Coalition Grant Proposal Workbook and The Fruition Coalition Marketing Plan Workbook. Both books have been designed to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations of all sizes and to help them improve their effectiveness and ability to achieve their goals. Both books are available in print or as eBooks.

The Fruition Coalition Grant Proposal Workbook is an essential resource for any nonprofit organization that seeks grant funding. Both experienced and inexperienced proposal writers will learn from this practical, easy to use workbook that has been designed to help organizations strengthen their internal capacity for fundraising. Author and experienced proposal writer Jessica R. Dreistadt guides readers through the detailed process of raising money for programs by developing strong relationships with philanthropic partners and writing effective proposals that get results. The 80-page workbook includes detailed information, tips and ideas, planning charts, and questions for reflection and discussion. After working through all of its pages, readers will have a comprehensive template that can be used for a variety of grant proposals.

The Fruition Coalition Marketing Plan Workbook is a complete and easy to use guide for nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes. Through detailed descriptions, discussion and reflection questions, and planning charts, author Jessica R. Dreistadt guides readers through the process of articulating information about the organization, environment, relationships, and communication leading to the development of marketing strategies and a comprehensive marketing plan. This 80-page workbook helps organizations become more grounded in their values and identity, create opportunities for meaningful engagement, and develop strong, mutually beneficial relationships so that organizational goals can be achieved.

The Fruition Coalition is actively creating a flourishing world by supporting progressive social change and community benefit organizations through education, dialogue, and consulting that integrates research, intuition, experience, and dreams. Their programs and services include: The Fruition Academy of Social Imagination and Action, Le Salon Utopique, The Activist’s Muse, Social+; and consulting services that help organizations research, plan, implement, and evaluate their work. The Fruition Coalition was founded by Jessica R. Dreistadt in 2001. For more information, visit or call (610) 504-4962. ###

Be sure to visit The Activist’s Muse over the next two weeks for daily excerpts from each of these books!

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