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Five Days of Grant Proposals: Introduction

The following is an excerpt from my new book, The Fruition Coalition Grant Proposal Workbook. ISBN 978-1-300-59094-1. $24.99.

Thank you for using The Fruition Coalition Grant Proposal Workbook! I am excited that you and your organization are taking steps to organize and strengthen your proposal writing.

I have been writing grant proposals for over 10 years and have raised millions of dollars for a variety of organizations through partnerships with private foundations, corporations, and public agencies. I hope that this book helps you clarify and articulate the work of your organization so that you can connect with philanthropic partners and increase support for your programs and for your organization.

Like all organizational endeavors, writing successful grant proposals is based on meaningful relationships—with program participants, staff, volunteers, other organizations, and philanthropic partners. I encourage you to use this book as a framework for a collaborative grant proposal writing process that invites dialogue to explore possibilities and co-create a stronger, more vibrant program, organization, and community.

While this book was created specifically for requests for program funding, you can use some components for general operating or capital support. This book has been designed to capture a breadth of information related to your organization and each individual program. You may find the process of collecting and analyzing this material helpful for other organizational functions such as program development and evaluation or strategic planning.

The book begins with a summary of everything that needs to be done before submitting a proposal and ends with everything that needs to be done after submitting a proposal. In-between, you will find text, questions, and worksheets to think through organizational information, discovering need, program design and evaluation, organizational capacity, budget development, sustainability, and a communications plan. You may find it helpful to work through the workbook in a non-linear way; each section overlaps and interconnects. For example, it would be helpful to think through your program concept before writing a letter of inquiry.

You might find it helpful to complete a workbook for each unique program, service, or initiative offered by your organization. Feel free to copy the worksheets in this workbook for internal use so that you are able to collect and organize information for all aspects of your organization’s work.

Thank you again for using this workbook. If you have any feedback or would like to share a success story, please send an email. I would love to hear from you!

With best wishes for continued success in community and social transformation,

Jessica R. Dreistadt
Founding director, the Fruition Coalition

The Fruition Coalition Grant Proposal Workbook can be purchased at our store. An eBook version is also available.

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