Introduction: Affirmations for Mindful Leaders

This is an excerpt from Affirmations for Mindful Leaders (ISBN 978-1-300-65919-8, 76 pages, $9.99).

Affirmations are brief statements that can be used to help leaders:

  • clarify their true purpose;
  • focus their attention;
  • expand their self-awareness;
  • mobilize their energy;
  • inspire them toward positive action;
  • connect their dreams with reality;
  • improve their effectiveness; and
  • increase their work and life satisfaction.

This book contains 50 affirmations for leaders who are mindful, ethical, intentional, authentic, and transformational. The affirmations span ten areas: vision; purpose; passion; power; relationships; innovation; risk; responsibility; balance; and transformation. Each affirmation has been carefully designed to help leaders feel more motivated, inspired, purposeful, and connected.

There are several ways that you can use this book. You can:

  • read it from beginning to end;
  • read through a section that reflects your needs or interests;
  • choose an affirmation as the focus of a prayer or meditation;
  • use an affirmation to carefully reflect on your actions as a leader;
  • use an affirmation as a prompt for journaling or discussion; and/or
  • place affirmations that deeply resonate with you in places where you will frequently see them.

You may like some affirmations more than others. You may find that some have little meaning for you. I encourage you to use those that are aligned with your leadership practice and ignore those that do not. At the end of each section, there is also a place for you to write your own affirmations to reflect your unique ideas about leadership.

With best wishes for mindful leadership,

Jessica R. Dreistadt


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