Consulting Process

We collaborate with organizations through a dynamic seven-step circular consulting process:

1.    Listening – Listening is the foundation of, and continues throughout, the consulting process. The Fruition Coalition will seek to understand and work within the context of your organization’s culture, relationships, resources, processes, policies, mission, and vision.

2.    Inquiry – Our staff will ask questions to uncover and clarify both your practical needs and visionary dreams as well as to reveal your organization’s mysteries and complexities.

3.    Planning – A practical, detailed plan will be cooperatively developed to help your organization achieve its goals and fulfill its mission.

4.    Education – The content of the plan, along its assumptions and justifications, will be shared throughout the organization to cultivate awareness and to inform, engage, and motivate stakeholders.

5.    Implementation – The plan will be carefully and lovingly put into action.

6.    Evaluation – Progress on implementation will be measured. Feedback regarding the process and outcomes will be collected, analyzed, and summarized.

7.    Integration – Everything that was learned throughout the consulting process will be integrated into the organization’s culture and daily activities.

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