Are you interested in starting or expanding a small business, but aren’t sure if there is a market for it? Do you want to launch a program but you don’t know enough about prospective participants? The Fruition Coalition’s Market Analysis will provide you with detailed information about prospective customers so that you can decide whether or not and how much to invest in this new project. Package includes:

  • Identification and description of your target market(s)
  • Identification of relevant sources of secondary data
  • Analysis and presentation of secondary data
  • Identification of relevant market trends
  • A detailed, written report with narrative, charts, and graphs


Are you thinking about starting a new business, nonprofit organization, program, project or event? Our Competitive Analysis will help you better understand your competition and your niche in the marketplace. Package includes:

  • Identification and description of your competitors
  • Description of each competitor’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifications of gaps in the marketplace
  • Identification of potential alliances and partnerships
  • Description of industry trends
  • A detailed, written report with narrative, charts, and graphs


Do you need to improve your marketing efforts? Are your materials out of date or confusing? Could you be reaching more people, or do you need to improve your return on investment? The Fruition Coalition will perform a detailed audit of your marketing materials and activities and make specific recommendations for improvements. Package includes:

  • Review of existing materials including website, brochures, flyers, etc. to identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Review of marketing plan (if applicable)
  • A detailed phone or in-person meeting to identify marketing practices
  • A detailed, written plan with recommendations for changes


You have invested a lot of time into pursuing your dreams. Make those countless hours and sleepless nights count by developing a plan to share your message and promote your organization, company, product, program, or project. Package includes:

  • Market Analysis
  • Development of key messages
  • Identification of communication channels
  • Detailed written marketing plan


If you are launching a business, program, project, organization, or partnership, The Fruition Coalition can develop the plan and materials you need to get the word out. Package includes:

  • Creation of launch plan and timeline
  • Development of strategic positioning statement
  • Development of key messages/talking points
  • One written media advisory
  • One written press release
  • Launch event (in-person or virtual) plan
  • Social media campaign including text and delivery schedule
  • Written copy for your website


Are you planning a press event to make an announcement? Do you want to get your word out to the public through the media? The Fruition Coalition will work with you to create an attention-getting event that sparks interest. Package includes:

  • One written media advisory
  • One written press release
  • Development of key messages/talking points
  • Creation of press event plan and agenda
  • Up to 10 minutes of speech writing


The Fruition Coalition can help you write a press release or media advisory to promote your event, project/product launch, program, or organization. Package includes one press release or media advisory.


Do you need to communicate with the public about an opportunity, event, product, or project? The Fruition Coalition will create a strategic social media communication plan to support the success of your project. Package includes:

  • Text and graphics for social media posts that can be used on multiple channels
  • Suggested delivery schedule


Do you want to create a stunning presentation that helps you communicate your message? The Fruition Coalition will create a PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi file to support your speech, demonstration, or presentation. Package includes:

  • Development of key messages
  • Photographs and images as needed
  • Creation of a unique, branded presentation to clearly communicate your message
  • An editable file that can be updated and reused


Still in print? The Fruition Coalition can help your organization create a visually appealing newsletter that educates and engages stakeholders. Package includes:

  • Writing of original content
  • Layout and design of each page


The Fruition Coalition can help you create a new brochure or flyer for your organization, program, or project. Package includes:

  • Identification of audience and key messages
  • Development of written content
  • Brochure or flyer design


The Fruition Coalition can put together your organization’s annual report including writing content, displaying financials, and laying out and designing the document. Package includes:

  • Gathering relevant information
  • Writing and/or editing all content
  • Unique, branded document design


Is your website blah? Too wordy? Confusing? Are you in the process of creating a new website? The Fruition Coalition can help you, your business, or your organization write website copy that engages visitors and encourages them to take action. Package includes:

  • Review of existing content (if applicable) to identify areas for improvement
  • Phone or online brainstorming session to set goals for each page
  • Creation of original website content


The Fruition Coalition can help with writing email copy to inspire action and support for your initiatives. Package includes:

  • Development of key messages
  • Creation of original content for one email
  • Design of email layout


Are you creating a video about your organization, program, or initiative? We can help you deliver a compelling message to your audience. Package includes:

  • Phone or online brainstorming session to develop goals, audience profile, and key messages
  • Development of interview questionnaires (if used)
  • Development of interview responses — either verbatim (if requested) or key talking points
  • Creation of storyboard and original video script
  • Collaboration with producer (if applicable, to the extent requested) to align script with all aspects of production and to advocate for your vision and project goals


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