Program Development



If your nonprofit organization is thinking about or taking action toward developing a new program, The Fruition Coalition can help you design and launch the program. Package includes:

  • Design of survey to gather input from stakeholders
  • Facilitation of two focus groups to gather input from stakeholders
  • Data analysis
  • Articulation of program goals and activities
  • Logic model (link)
  • Program evaluation design
  • Develop program budget
  • Creation of program launch strategic communication plan


A logic model is, well, a logical way to visually present the need for an organization, program, project, or initiative as well as its intended outcomes. The Fruition Coalition can help you create a logic model to concisely explain your idea to funders, partners, and other stakeholders. Package includes:

  • Identification of assumptions, external factors, resources, activities, output, outcomes, impact
  • Design of a unique, branded logic model
  • Finished product delivered in multiple file formats


The Fruition Coalition can serve as an external evaluator for your program or initiative. We can also help you set up a program evaluation system or refine the system that you have in place. Package Includes:

  • Development of program and evaluation goals
  • Design of data collection instruments
  • Data analysis
  • A detailed written report that documents findings and recommendations
  • Assistance translating results for funders and other audiences


The Fruition Coalition can design a survey to collect information and data to evaluate programs and gather input for planning. Package includes:

  • Identification of audience and survey goals
  • Research of existing survey instruments (if applicable)
  • Design of survey questions
  • Online setup of survey
  • Design of print survey


If you are launching or redesigning an educational program for children or adults, The Fruition Coalition can help you develop a creative, engaging curriculum. Package includes:

  • Development of learning goals
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Student handouts and suggested family activities


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