Blue Glitter

In the Allentown School District, there were very few Jewish students. When I was in 4th grade, I was very fortunate to have a Jewish teacher. She knew that at Christmastime, I would prefer blue glitter to red and green. When she gave me that blue glitter, it made me...

Changemaker Chat: Matt Meyer

Matt Meyer is a New York-based educator-activist-author, co-editor of the two volume Africa World Press series Seeds of New Hope and co-author of Guns and Gandhi in Africa, and editor of PM Press’ Let Freedom Ring. He is the War Resisters International Africa...

United We Stand

We are divided and We are falling. America is in need of a new revolution. One that is peaceful, not violent; Selfless, not selfish; Unifying, not separatist. United we stand.


Being carbon neutral is great, but I would like to suggest that being social positive, which we might cutify by writing Social+, is even better. Social+ goes way beyond being carbon neutral. People who are Social+ also: – consider the human impact of every...

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