Lead with Love, Compassion, and Joy in 2013!








The Limitless Loving Leadership 2013 calendar provides daily ideas to guide reflective, purposeful leaders on their leadership journey. Examples include:

January 23 – Approach the possibility of failure with an open heart and mind

February 13 – Keep an open mind and a fluid heart

March 2 – Appreciate the hard work that others do

April 12 – Be aware of all of your actions today

May 25 – Detach from the goal and engage in the process

June 18 – Practice patience

The calendar costs $21.99 but you can save up to 30% through November 23 by using the promotional code CHRONICLE at checkout.

Click here to purchase a calendar for yourself, a colleague, your boss, and a friend!

The Fruition Coalition also has a Social+ 2013 Calendar with daily tips about how to have a net positive social impact through our daily decisions, actions, and interactions. The sale applies to both calendars.

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